Designed to make your journey epic.

GoTalk Pro - a sat nav with open, limitless voice communication via mobile network data, all in one App. Our product is a fully functional GPS navigation which also lets you freely talk with anyone around you. Open communication means no phone numbers or user accounts are necessary and there are no range limits. For outdoor activities switch to Compass Mode, which shows real time location of other users on a simplified interactive map. User-centered interface makes it very easy and intuitive to use. To keep your precious smartphone safe, you can use our unique, rugged and loud Bluetooth handset. 

This is what we believe to be the future of communication.

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Talk button

Push-to-talk with others on a chosen channel or in a pre-defined radius

Compass Mode

Direction marker shows 'as the crow flies' direction, you choose the exact path to get there!

Report button

Inform others about traffic, incidents, road closures, speed traps etc.


Lets you create a convoy - choose a group leader and get directions to follow him on the move.

Interactive map

Live location of other group members.

main features

Discover unique features of GoTalk Pro

State of the art sat nav - with live raffic info, user reports, speed traps etc. And a few game changing extra features...

Modern day walkie-talkie - instant communication with everyone. Without the fuss of antennas and extra gear in your car, licensing, range limits, interference etc.

Unique interactive map - see the location of your friends on your phone in real time. Stay safe with SOS function - in an emergency it will send a distress signal to other users in the area, along with your GPS coordinates.

One of a kind, robust and with loud, clear sound. Also works with other apps and for making phone calls. Great at keeping your phone safe!

how will you use it?

limitless usability

Rugged, small, loud!

Our handset is built to exceed IP67 rating and will survive anything you throw at it. It also is one of the smallest and loudest devices on the market, as well as the only one to feature a powerful LED torch.

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